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Hangzhou Semya machinery CO.LTD
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Main Image Hangzhou Semya Machinery Co., Ltd produces many kind of machinery:falling film evaporator(concentrator),crystal machine,Stainless steel tank,evaporator,milk production line,juice production line,soy milk production line,beverage production line

triple-effect falling film evaporator/three-stage falling film evaporator

Multi-effect falling film evaporator

five-effect falling film evaporator

single-effect concentrator (evaporator)

Single effect falling film evaporator

stainless steel Vacuum concentrator

stainless steel Spherical concentrator (evaporator. concentrate)

Alcohol recycling tower

Vacuum concentration equipment(evaporator, concentrator)

stainless steel Central recycling evaporator

FC crystallizer

DTB crystallizer

Glucose acid sodium evaporation crystallizer

High Fructose Syrup double-effect falling film evaporators

Ammonium sulfate evaporation crystallizer

evaporation crystallizer(concentration crystallizer)

OSLO crystallizer/ crystal evaporator

forced type evaporation crystallizer

vacuum crystallization tank

enforced circulation evaporation crystallizer
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Hangzhou Semya machinery CO.LTD
Beizhuang industrial zone,Chongxian,Yuhang district.
Hangzhou, Zhejiang
China 311108
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    Ms. Sally Huang
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